About us

Study abroad with someone who knows the way.

Westpoint is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of studying abroad. With nearly five decades of expertise in international education, we stand as a beacon of knowledge, guiding you towards realizing your overseas academic ambitions. Our comprehensive services, seasoned professionals, and established presence in the educational sector ensure that your venture into international academia is both successful and fulfilling.

Education Advisory Services

The array of courses and universities worldwide can be overwhelming. Westpoint simplifies this choice, aligning your academic pursuits with your career aspirations. Preparation is key, and we’re here to ensure you embark on the right educational path.

Complimentary Study Abroad Counseling

Our advisors specialize in international education, dedicated to finding the perfect match for your academic and career objectives. And the best part? All counseling sessions are entirely free.


Premium Visa and Immigration Assistance

Navigating the complexities of visa and immigration policies is our forte. We offer sophisticated solutions to meet global requirements, ensuring your compliance and facilitating a smooth transition for individuals and HR departments alike. Our services include comprehensive support with visa and work permit applications, along with regular updates for HR teams on permit statuses and assignment progress.

Adaptable Education Plans

We acknowledge the evolving nature of students’ interests and career goals, which sometimes necessitate a change in their course of study, especially within Australia. Certain programs may require a minimum period of study before a student can switch to a different course. Westpoint is here to support students through these transitions, ensuring their educational journey remains aligned with their changing aspirations.

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